In Search of Kafka — A High Tech, Comical Thriller

In Search of Kafka

A High Tech, Comical Thriller

author: Russell J.T. Dyer published: 2008-07-21 publisher: A Silent Killdeer isbn: 978-0578041063 genre: ficiton, thriller pages: 217 samples:
excerpt in english;
chapters in russian


In this novel the main character is relentlessly pursued by the federal agents for a crime which he is wrongly accused. He desperately tries to elude capture long enough to find the true criminal to hand to the authorities in his stead.

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Audio Recording of Novel

posted: apr 13, 2016;  words: 118;  readers in past month:  273;  read more...

Besides the deaf, some people enjoy audio recordings of books. They listen to them while driving alone for long distances, or maybe while lying in bed at night. So I’d like to make an audio recording of my novel.

Listed on Good Reads

posted: dec 11, 2015;  words: 78;  readers in past month:  253;  read more...

My new novel is now listed on the Good Reads site, the social networking site for readers. If you’re a member, please add me as a friend and go to the page for my book and click on Want to Read.

Inspirational Quote

posted: dec 10, 2015;  words: 325;  readers in past month:  178;  read more...

At Loyola University, I studied English, Finance and Religion. As a driving theme of this novel, I often thought about a quote from one of the books by the spiritual writer of Thomas Merton, about how we treat each other.

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