In Search of Kafka — A High Tech, Comical Thriller

Audio Recording of Novel

by Russell Dyer
published:  apr 13, 2016;  revised:  apr 13, 2016;  readers in past month:  273

I’ve been told by many women over the years that I have a nice speaking voice. It’s a type of baritone voice, although it’s not very deep. My vocal range is the same as Dean Martin, Paul Simon, and Elvis Presley—although I’m not good at singing.

Based on this, I decided to try create an audio recording of my novel, I Have No Friends. I purchased recently a new microphone to make audio recordings for my job. However, I’m also going to make an audio version of my novel. I made a short recording this evening of the first few paragraphs to see how everything works. You can listen to the audio file if you would like.